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All Purpose Tent

**These tents must be set-up on grass**

20'x20'                            $301

Customer Pick-up         $130

20'x20' Tents are available in Red/White, Blue/White, Green/White, & Yellow/White

20x'30'                             $379

Customer Pick-up          $185

20'x30' Tents are available in Red/White & Green/White

20'x40                            $465

Customer Pick-up        $235

20'x40' Tents are available in Green/White

Frame Tents

**These Tents must be staked down or water barrel weighted**

10'x10'                  $181

10'x10' Availble in Red/White & Blue/White

14'x14'                  $200

14'x14 Available in All White

10'x20'                  $235

10'x20' Available in All White

20'x20'                 $380

20'x20' Available in All White or Green/White

20'x30'                  $450

20'x40'                  $530

Sides are available that cover a 20' section

20x20 Pole Tent
20x40 Pole Tent
10x10 Frame Tent
20x20 Frame Tent
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